Lamb of God Singer Randy Blythe Releases Official Statement



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I hope he gets convicted. Coward motherfucker.


not an LOG fan either, but I will say that Randy Blythe seems like a good person of outstanding character. I commend him on his compassion for the family of the guy he's charged with killing.

However, I do also agree with him that these charges are ridiculous. After seeing what had happened to Dimebag in 2004 at the hand of a crazed fan who jumped on stage, I feel fans have no business on the stage and any action to remove that person from the stage should be viewed as an act of self defence. I doubt that there was any intent to kill or injure anyone on the part of Randy or his band. It's unfortunate that someone died, but fans have got to start understanding that when they jump on the stage during a concert the band and their security have no clue what their intentions are going to act with their own personal safety in mind first. The only people with any business on that stage are the sound/light people, road crew and the musicians. Anyone else should not be there and need to accept responsibility for any harm that comes to themselves if they ignore this fact.


I am not a fan of LOG, but after reading the story when it first broke I listened to a few of their songs. As I said I am not a fan, but I did enjoy the songs I heard. With that said Randy seems to be a real classy guy and courageous to be willing to go to a third world country to face charges where a fair trial is not always possible. I did not know he had lost a child. As a father myself my heart goes out to you. My daughter is my whole world and the thought of losing her would be more than I could stand. I don't know if I could go on. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the fan who lost his life and to Randy, losing a child has to be the hardest thing to go through. Stay strong and I hope your name is cleared in this terrible accident. God Bless,



I had mixed feelings about your situation after watching a video of you attempting to fight one of your fellow band mates on your tour buss.
I do not know how much alcohol you drink on a regular bases or if you drink at all?
Looking inward taking a journey of internal exploration to determine why karma would be testing you in this way might be in order. You are very articulate may the grate spirit watch over you.
I would also like to say in your defense that after the senseless death of Dime Bag fans jumping on stage need to realize that is not something they can due without consequences anymore.



Well written and well stated. Hope it works out



Randy's statement, especially the consideration he gives to the family of the dead fan, shows he is a class act.
Welcome home, Randy.



Welcome home, Randy!



I'm not a fan of LOG but you have to admire the stand he's taking and facing up to these bullshit charges.I wish him well and hopefully he'll be able to put all this behind him.

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