Lamb of God Singer to Remain in Prison for Another 10 Days



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As someone who was fortunate enough to travel internationally playing music, one has to appreciate and respect the fact that you are in a foreign country, are subject to its laws and are at the mercy of its authorities. One cannot simply assume the same rights and process you enjoy at home.

However, I agree, the safety of the band is also at issue here. The fan, I'm assuming, was not invited on stage and upon buying a ticket, was probably in violation some kind of rule or agreement (fine print) by forcing his way through security. That fan put himself in that position, and most of us on this site would agree, he should bare the blame for his fatal injury.

In the end, I think Randy will be fine. They will throw enough $$$ at this to make it go away. Just like wealthy people in the United States who ACTUALLY commit manslaughter do.



Well said top to bottom, amount of time that has past, I believe someone is looking for money.




Unfortunately, this could end up being a real financial burden on Mr. Blythe, his band and perhaps even their management. While LoG is a very successful band for their genre, they aren't exactly rolling in U2 or Metallica money.

Oh well. At the very least they should get some good material out of all this BS.



Stage crashers need to be thrown out of and banned from the venues they do this in-- one strike and they're out. If someone is invited up on stage, fine, but to crash the stage is making trouble. Too bad the guy died but if he had stayed on the floor where he belonged he'd probably still be alive.

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