The Latest Buzz: A Jedi's Guide to Traveling by Air with Your Guitar



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Great advice overall.

However, I don't know what airlines/routes you're flying where there is available space in the overhead bins, as probably 19 out of the last 20 domestic flights I've been on have been fully booked and the bins fill up well before the last passengers are boarded. And even if you find space in the overhead bins, you usually have to deal with muppets who repeatedly cram and thrust their oversized roller bags into your beloved axe as they try to defy physics by squeezing a two-foot bag into a one-foot space.

Having said that, I recommend trying to be able to board the plane as early as possible, whether it's priority access earned from Silver, Gold, or Platinum frequent flyer status, paying extra for priority access, or buying a seat towards the back of the plane, which generally boards earlier than the rest. If you're booked on a first come/first served airline like Jet Blue or Southwest, it's worth it to arrive early and camp out at the gate desk to ensure early boarding.

Should you be unlucky and end up being forced to check your guitar, there is this new device called Trakdot that allows you to track the location of your guitar/luggage/package (theoretically at least, as long as the device is not removed from the case by an unscrupulous baggage handler or TSA agent).



I was wondering if any of you have any particular experience with ryan air.i ll travel in april at musikmesse in frankfurt and i need to have my guitar with me.plz let me know your experiences



Just FedEx the guitar to the next gig!


Geez man, I don't know about you but as a poor musician that would cost more than I get paid per gig usually. (LOL)

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