Learn Pro Tools! Even if You Are a Guitarist



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In my opinion, and Experience, pro tools is unnecessarily complex. Nuendo, Cubase, Studio One and so many more get the exact same results only easier. And in the Native format, nuendo sounds better...ask Eric Johnson.
Pro Tools was the only game in town years ago... Now everyone passed them up and they are playing catchup by adding features that were available in other software packages! Pickup something simpler and have fun recording!
By the way, I own PT 10 and only because I have to keep up. But even ACID is a better and effective place to start!
But great blog....it's an honest view!
PS I write the session guitar blog.



Nice to have your opinion on that one Ron.

As many guitarists do, i'm planning to have my own recording "studio" and after reading this blog about pro tools i was a little bit discouraged ... i will have the time to play the guitar, create and record my own songs, but i won't have the time to find how it works ... i want something that works good straight out of the box.

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