Led Zeppelin Announce 'Celebration Day' Film Chronicling 2007 Reunion Show



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You! It's pretty remarkable how good Robert Plant sounds (and looks for that matter). And there is more detail ensemble playing interaction than earlier videos. JPJ looks as though he's having more serious fun than in the past - a good sign, since his opinion about that matters. AND his playing is more audible. Page still sounds pertinent and has added some clever noise. However, in the brief bits so far available, "Black Dog" and JB's playing generally don't have the two-directional swing characteristic of that song and his dad's playing generally, which defines the LZ sound. John Bonham did not really condescend to keep the beat. He was at least as likely to flick it away as set it. His art was to avoid being involved with it. It seems to me that that was what his hands on the drums, without sticks, was all about. Drumming? It was as though he was not doing it, he was doing something else. Though the son is certainly getting his father's sounds, his dad's art was to swing early with some sounds, late with others - though swing usually means "early." Also, his father's art of "down" is still not quite there, but at present I think that is partly because Jason isn't quite being regarded enough as partner - notice that he is not listed at the Wiki page! That's not fair to him. A trifle too much front-line star element from the three old boys. The link to the originality of the sound is through more unity in the Jones-Bonham sound. The trick is that the bass is the core, the drums are the development of the bottom. It may be necessary for Jones and Bonham to work together more. If LZ would get beyond the individual song format and do a rock opera (not overmuch Tolkien) they would be right back at the top. I think that ball is actually in Plant's court. I think their best balance is Plant as frontman, active voice, acknowledged lyricist; Page as bandleader, silent voice, acknowledged mage; Jones as stability, necessary mind; Bonham as two swinging minds, one early, one late - which his dad always was. The duality keeps it musical, more human, more interesting.


Yes! Will see. Hammer of the Gods!



My nipples are hard!



I can't wait! "Blackdog" was the reason I picked up the guitar at age 12 because I needed to be a part of that thing called Rock And/Or Roll. 33 years later I have all of Zep's albums on my iPoop and carry their music with me whenever I leave the bridge I'm currently living under. (it's a NEW bridge and has a gas station next door so I can use the restroom -- moving on up!)

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