Led Zeppelin Premiere Previously Unreleased Instrumental, "La La" — Listen



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Just so everyone understands, this wasn't a song, it was a jam session. Bands improvise like this and often record them to get ideas and inspiration for other things. Any given riff from this could have gave them the idea for one of their later iconic songs.



This was the mid-60s sound from which Led Zeppelin was trying to distance themselves. Good they abandoned it; this was a huge step backwards for the time. Also, a few bits sound like "Emmeretta".


I like it!!!!..... Kinda poppy.... Trippy...cool sort of departure track compared to other stuff on the record....Assuming this is a demo, the boys could have done a lot nice stuff with over-dubs, etc on this track.... give it a ...7 on a 1-10 scale....



I hate it. It's a hodge-podge of miscellaneous mish-mash, bits and pieces of various unused song parts thrown together, there's almost no song structure whatsoever, it would have been a wonder how Jimbo could have remembered how to play this exactly each time. The last bit does sound promising but ends too short of a win. Not enough development went into this - song. It is interesting in that it represents the early days of Led Zep's experience, but that's about it. Let me know Jimmy.



Now I know why it was NEVER released. That was a great judgement call on their part! Certainly not up to their standards.



Get rid of those Monkey's/commercial pop style keyboards and I'm good with it.



I'm not Impressed!!

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