Led Zeppelin Premiere "Whole Lotta Love" (Rough Mix) — Listen



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Man this reissue crap is getting redundant! How much money can they squeeze outta the same songs? Enough is enough if they are in need of money make em tour


Thad Cornett

It is for fans only..the die hard ones who would pay way too much for a tissue if used by Page lol.My self i'm glad they keep finding bootlegs or other things from the albums..just as long as it's not the same song with an engineer butchering it to make money from. I know it would be hard to remember every thing you did or didn't do in the studio in the late 60's.As long as fans pay they will keep it up.So this song is called "Baby you need love" lol Guess Plant didn't decide to add the name of the song yet.

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