Legendary Amp Maker Jim Marshall Dead at 88



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ANOTHER pioneer in the music industry that undoubtedly belongs enshrined in The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame but ISN'T !?!?!?

Hey Jann S. Wenner and all you arrogant Mo-Fos on the nominating commitee, GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR POOP CHUTES !!!



My JCM900 full stack is a constant reminder of Jim Marshall's greatness. Mr. Marshall shall live on thru our music, no doubt.


Stephen Quinn

No sound like the Marshall sound. R.I.P Jim Marshall



Father Marshall!!!!
I don't have enough to buy one of your amps (yet!) but they were (and will) always be a thing that a guitarists dreams are made of!



The Navajo Nation will miss you. We will pay tribute to you each time we turn on a Marshall Amp. R.I.P my Friend.



it's a sad time, the grat legends begin to passaway, JIMY we salute you, rest in loud



I always preferred Line6 amps, but you gotta give the man his due respect.


Bob Weird

From all accounts I've heard, Mr. Marshall was a brilliant man.
Most of his engineering experience was learned on the job, working in a factory during WWII and on his own as an auto-didact.
He knew music from about every angle and never showed a trace of elitism in his tastes.
Marshall Amplifiers are still the best on Earth, as far as I'm concerned.
R.I.P. Jim. You'll be missed by millions.



Sad, sad day indeed. I will never forget my first Marshall. It was a JCM800 I bought back in '86. That thing sounded amazing....



We are grateful to you Jim.



I was 15 years old and I was saving up all of my money for a Mesa Boogie guitar amplifier. Any guitar player from back in the day knows the Mesa Boogie catalogs were a work of art and the stuff dreams were made of. The beautiful full color pictures and descriptive copy made you salivate. I poured over those pages, dreaming of the day when one of those beauties would be mine, and I was almost there... I had $700 saved.

And then I walked into Wayne Music. There sitting along the hallway wall was a 100-watt JMP Marshall top and matching 4x12 cabinet with 25-watt black back Celestion speakers. I lost my mind. "MOM!! MOM!! This is what I want. This is it!!! I gotta have it!!.' My Mom tried to talk me in from the ledge 'But Den, you've been saving for the Mesa-Boogie amp, you almost have enough money.' 'Yeah, I know Mom but this is a Marshall!'. They wanted $750 so my Mom gave me the difference and we left the store with it, me wedging it into the back seat of my Mom's maroon Ford Fairmount.

I remember the next day I had my friend over to show him the amp, my Mom and her friend Fran were in the kitchen, about 15 feet away from where this EL-34 powered behemoth sat in our TEENY TINY living room. I asked, "Hey Mom, I can I just show this to Anthony for a second? I promise I won't play it long.". She of course said it was fine. That's the kind of Mom she was. So..... I grabbed my 1965 Gibson SG Jr and plugged in. Turning the amp on, even with the guitar volume down you could hear how incredibly loud it was just idling. I turned my guitar's volume knob up and ELECTRICITY filled the shoebox sized room. I took my pick and with my left hand muting all of the strings I simply 'chunked' on the strings. It was like a freight train came barreling through. It seemed as if every one of the NUMEROUS knick knacks on the piano, television and shelves (my Mom had a thing for tchotchkes) bounced in the air. My Mom's friend Fran who was an elderly woman (or just always seemed that way) looked as if she was ELECTROCUTED!! She was lifted out of her seat, twitching. I swear I saw her beauty shop hairdo have lift off.

Thus began my love affair with Marshall amps. Thanks Jim Marshall, you were a force to be reckoned with and made all of my childhood dreams come true.



Great comments. Very well put, and your mom sounds like a great woman...



A legend. He definitely played a mammoth role in the way modern music sounds.

-Clapton's Bluesbreakers tone
-Eddie's "Brown" sound
-Angus and Malcolm's crunch
-Schenker's singing solos
-Page's live wall of sound

The list goes on and on and on and on . . .


A sad day indeed.



Wow - that's the thanks I get for pointing out your error? Just delete my comment and fix it? Have the decency to admit your mistake instead of just covering it up.



Better to have the error fixed than ignored, egotistical bitch.


Are you wanting a parade?

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