Let There Be Rock: AC/DC's Angus Young on the Rhythm Playing of Malcolm Young



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seth…. how is acdc overrated? you must mean in a technical way.. because their music may be simple as all hell… but that's what makes it so great.. the songs are EVERYWHERE… and decade after decade.. they still sell out every arena they play. That's what everyone fails to recognize when they say that they are overrated… pffff.. acdc overrated.. ha what a joke. just cuz "Seth" isn't an acdc fan, they're overrated…? lmao #gimmeabreak


the fact that Malcolm plays on a Gretsch, or who knows what it is, and shuns status quo equipment is an achievment in/of itself. At his level one ought to have major GAS. Look at Edge and Mike Campbell. Their shows revolve around a new guitar for each song. It's like a fashion runway.



Really these guys are very good at what they do and have there unique sound. I would like to get their take on Airbourne since they are from the same country and they sound just like AC/DC.



my god acdc is so overrated

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