Limp Bizkit Announces Reunion



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Can't wait for the new album!
They've posted a new song called "Why Try" on their website and it's siiiiiiick.

They also have this HILARIOUS video up on the site about their upcoming tour. is where it's all at!



If i remember correctly the reason they went away is because lack of a fan-base. These fuckers tried vehemently to ruin music with that "nu-metal" shit. To Quote Phillip H. Anselmo "the trend is dead" as it should stay. I love the fact REAL metal is "ruining" me with it's Technically and harmonically rich sounds, and rather clever lyrics.



fuck you all limp Bizkit is the shit you may think they suck but they make more money than you ever will you tards and also they were one of the most popular rap metal band back then i want to see you do what they did



I liked Limp B when I was younger and still listen to ghetto kiddie pop. Here is a new age and time, and I don't see people digging Limp like they used to. I hope for the best and if they actually put out a new CD I wont' pass it and go they suck I ill rather say when I was younger and more dumb I used to like these guys.



What a joke. You gotta be kidding me,"We did it all for nookie so you can take that cookie and stick up your yeah!", has got to be the dumbest lyric in the history of music! "Bored with the current state of heavy popular music.", well I don't know what he is talking about. Like we all better lookout because the LIMP boy's are back, please! Is the guitar dork gonna put his monkey suit back on. Maybe they could open for the Jonas Brothers here in the states. I know they put out a greatest hits album not to long ago. Must have sold well in Russia and Eastern Europe. Their should be laws against crap like this making it to the radio oh yeah they pay the radio stations to play their music. I don't write on these forums to much, but I couldn't resist writing about my least favorite band. Sail on!



every once in a while, i see this sanskrit pharcee arab shit as a comment. i wonder if its some kind of call to arms or some terrorist attempt at subliminal messaging. can anybody translate it for me? i must go now, i suddenly have a craving for goatmeat



One of my fondest memories is the day I told Fred Durst that he "sucked", to his face. He fingered me, on pay-per-view no less (Wrestlemania XIX)

Dream to dream, Arnold, dare to dream!



They were unoriginal when they started, they sucked while they were around and them being gone has been such bliss... now they go and ruin it for anyone who truly enjoys music. Thanks for nothing.


ok so, just my opinion, but the music world was MUCH better off without these fucking airheads playing together again. 8 years wasn't long enough...

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