Listen: Black Sabbath's New Single, "God Is Dead?"



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I liked it at first, but after about 4 minutes I began to wish they'd move on to another part, like something faster. It got too monotonous without that . . .



What is this, Lazaro singing for The Sabs? Hello, Ozzy, this is your brain on drugs! [sizzling, frying sound] When Tony & Geezer change keys then YOU should, too! Hell, even Mariah Carey knows that! I love YOU, Ozzy, but YOU are not Ronnie James Dio, so don't even try! This is second rate "Heaven & Hell"! Where are the gut-wrenching, blood-curdling cries that we are used to? Only a hint of them at the 7+ mark! And, the drums sound like computer fakes, thanks to Rick Rubin, who was probably confusing "Black Sabbath" with the "Black-Eyed Piss-ants" or whatever! Jiminy Cricket! Please, tell me the first single is the worst they have to offer on "13", which was heavily trimmed down from 15 songs to a meager eight. I wonder if this is why. Good grief! Tony & Geezer, let's find Bill, and I'll sing on the next disc! I'm not kidding! Or, let me produce, and I'll get the Ozzman sobered up and ready for combat! Please, help me from screaming, "Washed-up!"



Now that's the black sabbath I remember kicks ass



Second riff is classic Sabbath and Tony lays back and gives room for Geezer to lay down the awesome solo, bass players listen!!!



Check out "Tonic Breed" with the song "Oblivion"! Spotify og, myspace etc. That song was recorded in 2010!



Waw... I wanna pick my guitar and try to find this riff. This is amazing.
Hope the tour can come to Europe.
I really love it.



I love it! I can't wait for the album.....just wish Bill Ward was on here. Black Sabbath is Doom Metal for Hippies!

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