Listen: KXM — Featuring George Lynch, Ray Luzier and dUg Pinnick — Premiere New Song, "Faith Is a Room"



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Tom E Thomas

I just had a feeling they would sound good together, George and dUg, and I wasn't disappointed. I admit, I'm not familiar with the drummer's body of work. I listened to the CD several times consecutively with new curiosity each time, couldn't get it out of the player or my head. The production and mix are excellent. I have heard it in several states of mind and found something new each time. I find it to sound like King's X, but with a fresh, snappy drummer and big dose of always very stylish George Lynch! dUg Pinnick's voice speaks to me, he's amazing! I can't emulate him well but I like to try. No one in the world sounds like him. The drumming is rather complicated, really. I keep finding new touches that I didn't first hear, and that's a good thing. This music is great for driving, inspiration, working out, cooking, cleaning, starting the day or just straight up rocking out. Not recommended for bedtime, kids. I hope they make another record together and soon!



Well, it's not particularly original. It sounds somewhat like King's X, doesn't really say much. And it's awash in too much effect on the voice. Really, it just kinda drones one with no real direction. Sort of a kind of groove thing, but with no real substance to go along with it. Isn't there enough of that already? Come on guys, I mean, this is the best you got - with all that talent? Sorry, not impressed at all.

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