Listen: Marty Friedman Streams New Song, "Steroidhead"



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I almost passed on giving this a listen, haven't been into too much of Martys stuff since Megadeth, but this was awesome. I hope the rest of this album is that good.


Darth Compton

Not digging the low-tuned riffing, but that's my personal preference. However, the leads all over this was phenomenal. Speed and taste.



Brings much of the present from the past that was discovered. Bringing his sound giving his presents again for the next, clearly needs to be and hopefully this will regenerate the airwaves to a commercial level. The commercial radio needs at least this every other 10 or 5 minutes. The commercial radio should be at this level by now in the states. Radio should build morning and noon scheduling toward a blocked segment towards a guitar class. This should be recognizable by now. There tons and tons world class electric guitar players. There is no short fall of guitarist that have soloing ability, shredding , licks and riffs full of techniques. So it not like there not a genre. Sort of like that metal show but on commercial radio. This is a great mag but there are hardly any avenues meant for the average radio listener. They don't even know that this place even exist. I ask gamers do you know Steve Vai or Paul Gilbert and they don't exist to anyone that grew up with technology. Because there not played on the radio as a guitar class. There just starting to recognize eruption but they don't get told that is VH. Will guitar ever get a class.



I would've never guessed that Marty Friedman would one day be heavier than Megadeth. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.



if that's a bad thing. Not sure that Marty Friedman would or one day be heavier than good Megadeth. I would've never guessed

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