Listen: Metallica Release "Garage Demo" Version of New Song, "Lords of Summer"



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meh, BIG meh

Metallica CHANGED MY LIFE when I was 10 years old. In '91/'92 I first heard the Black Album and then spent the rest of that year buying (er, begging my mom to buy) every album they put out before that. They shaped everything about me. Their music was nothing but pure inspiration, refinement and just some of the best riffs, harmonies and melodies anyone has ever heard in metal. Ever.

But St. Anger, poopMagnetic, and now this--all sound like the same piss poor, lazy chugga chugga riffs I wrote in my teens and 20's. I'm not a rock star, and there is a reason for that. If that same 10 year old kid heard this stuff back in 1991 instead of Sad But True followed immediately by Holier than Thou (best metal song on that album), he probably would have ended up a f***ing lifelong Bryan Adams fan. I was a big Robin Hood Prince of Thieves fan that year, it coulda happened. Metallica saved me.



Lords of Summer
Master of Boardshorts
Gods of the Barbecue
Ruler of the Fairway

and 10 years from now . . .
Supreme Beings of the Old Country Buffet

These guys have not aged gracefully.


Mid-life crises OR Metallica awakens their inner-BEAST???.....


Very cool that you released a demo....LOVE the lethal energy of the track...Its very "Puppets sounding".... LOVE the guitar sound....gritty, direct, explosive, crunchy...


James lyrics are still not resonating with me.. Guess that's my problem...

Robert is muddy....Mixed back....Don't get that.. One of the best metal bassists on the planet and he is hard to hear.

Why bury your vibe in a ton of crash symbols Lars?..That's a personal pet peeve....I would love to hear you play without a single symbol in your kit....

On a 1 to 10 scale, I give this a ..........6...... about the same rating I gave the entire Death Magnetic record.....Every Metallica track should be a 9 or a 10!!!!!!.....If you think I am just jealous of your success, your at least half right....ahem....

You guys listening to any new shit lately?????.... There is a ton of really gud new bands out there; they sound fresh, intense, relevant, like they are living in the present moment... If you haven't been listening, you probably should.... If you are listening, I am not sure you are really listening...

Hell, a bunch of senior citizens could get together with say...Rick Rubin...and make a record that sounds more angry, intense, and current than you guys are sounding.....Come on man!!!!

Love you guys like brothers I never met, but you guys need to get into a big, crazy fist fight, or thrill kill a stranger, or something, on your way to the studio next time your going to record, cuz your fans deserve your BEST EVERY TIME!!!!! You guys are like church when you are gud... But like a root canal when you are bad....And though I feel better now, this really wasn't about me.....


For crying out loud, they have Robert Trujillo in the band, and they're STILL burying the bass? Jesus. What is their beef with beef?



Great tune. Awesome sound, and very classic Metallica feel!
Looking forward to when the album is available!



Sounds more like Metallica that Metallica has sounded in a long time.



love it . guys write 4 or 5 more like this and release it as an ep, why waste two years of your life in the studio for music no one buys anymore "things called cds are dead" this should be your future real and raw releases ever couple of years. AWESOME


Darth Compton

As a rough draft I dig it. Needs some editing in length, mostly in the beginning, and refining the lyrics, imo.



Everyone's a critic.

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