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The Doobie Brothers' Five Greatest Guitar Moments

The Doobie Brothers' Five Greatest Guitar Moments Jeff "Skunk" Baxter performs with the Doobie Brothers in late 1978.

"Long Train Runnin'" From The Captain and Me (1973) Once again, behold one of the most recognizable funky guitar riffs — ever. This is one of those "muscle memory" riffs I — like thousands of other guitarists — whip out when checking out a new guitar. Nine times out of 10, it makes the guitar sound great. The riff, with its clever double hammer-on from a full barre chord, is perfect for guitar students and anyone who just wants to sound cool. Honorable mention goes out to the fine bass part, especially during the outro, courtesy of bassist Tiran Porter. It's yet another example of "simple but effective."


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