Long Live the King: B.B. King Thrills on a "Victory Lap" Tour



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John Nevada Lundemo

Thanks for the article, Alan. I met B.B. and the band several times in Reno, Nevada and at Lake Tahoe back in the 70s. Great times running with the band and my friend Ron Levy who played piano with him for 6 years at the time. B.B. was gracious, considerate and very interested in me and my music. I'll always remember meeting him and hanging out with the band -- several members who had played with Bobby 'Blue' Bland and then joined B.B. I can imagine how you felt, having your son there, seeing one of the greatest! Thanks again for the news and info...Long live "The King of the blues"!


Alan Paul

Thanks John. I hung out with Tony Coleman, drummer, backstage at an Allman bros show a couple summers back.. he was with Bland for a long time.. listening to him and John reminisce about Bland was just classic. And he is a great drummer.


Alan Paul

Thanks Michael - on both fronts.


Thanks, Alan! It's always great to see your writing in Guitar World or on the website. Everyone should check out Alan's book, Big in China. I've read it twice since it came out earlier this year.

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