The Long Run: Don Felder Talks Soundtrack of Summer Tour, Eagles Highlights and More



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If you want to find out the truth behind Felder leaving and what happened to the Eagles throughout their career, watch the rockumentary The History of the Eagles part one and 2. It takes you inside their lives from the beginning with Sawyer Brown. I really enjoyed watching it!



I read this _just_ to see if he was doing "Heavy Metal".



Wasn't the reason he split from the Eagles due to his and Glen Frey's onstage fight? Glen and Don were the chief songwriters and founders


Great interview James! Don Felder is one of the most versatile players I've listened to over the years since the 70's.

I especially like his take on Classic Rock. I'm going to take that quote from that particular question and put it in my Facebook Wall. I will include a link to your interview here as well.

Thanks again James.

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