The Lost Year: The Story of the Final Months of Jimi Hendrix



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Jimi had one failing of a truly great artist, he was a spectacular showman, but even better he was an outstanding player who his white fan base wanted him to burn his guitar, play with his teeth & hump it using the mike stand for slide. They didn't want to sit & listen to him play beautiful music. The audence didn't get it. One of my favorite songs is Red House played on an acoustic 12 string. It's at the end of a documentry I saw with the Beatles final doc Let It Be, never to be play together again as a touring band. Lennon said they would be lucky if they could last for 5 years & as a band they didn't last much longer but their music did. I hope any new stuff by Hendrix isn't just anotherRip off from the people who supposedly loved him & his music.



Isn't is Hear My Train A Comin'? If there is a Red House though, i wanna hear it!

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