Lou Reed: Metallica's Fans "Are Threatening to Shoot Me, and That's Only Because I Showed Up"



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I don't understand why it's so difficult for bands and artists to realize when it's time to throw in the towel. How many albums do they need to put out that fans despise, before they figure out that we're only still listening because we hope and pray that the next one will sound like something we actually want to hear

Alex Rude

I am a big fan of both Metallica and Lou Reed. But this album really blows. Sounds to me like Metallica were trying to do something outside-of-the-box and Lou was trying to cash in because, like he has just admitted, he no longer has any fans and he knows that anything Metallica puts out will sell to at least their hardcore fans which are in the millions around the world. Who knows, maybe this "LuLu" record will start some bizarre, underground, heavy metal, avant-garde movement!



I'm a huge Metallica fan, I even liked saint anger (took it for what it was). But LULU ??? The album wouldn't be bad if you cut out all the vocals and left it as a instrumental album, even then it still lacks alot. I have nothing against Lou Reed but Metallica and Lou Reed are like Tipper Gore (co-founder of the PMRC for you young-ens) and Ron Jeremy, they just don't fit.



And for Lars to compare the reaction to "Lulu" to "Fade to Black" shows you just where Metallica's head is at these days.



I wonder if Lou even heard it. News for you Lou. It really is that bad. I mean, I'm not wanting you to die or anything, but damn, that album is terrible.

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