Lou Reed's Cause of Death Revealed: Liver Disease



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@johnnycnote...wow, how ultimately (NOT) respectful, jacking the OBITUARY story of a truly inspirational artist to sell records for John Cale? Whether he deserves it or not, this is NOT the place to flaunt John Cale's records, and I think it'd be safe to assume Mr. Cale feels the same way! Tell you what, how about we talk about the great artist we lost in LOU REED instead? He was a true poet, his lyrics were the personification of what was *really* happening in this twisted world during the 60s and 70s. When the hippy bands were selling "peace and free love" to the highest bidder, Lou was telling tales of transvestites, sewer rats, junkies and ROCK AND ROLL depravity for those who would listen! Thanks for being honest Lou, the world is a worse place with you gone, if you could *possibly* imagine that...RIP



I thought the fact that he died of liver disease was already known. I'm surprised he lived as long as he did. It was good to see the quote from John Cale. He's not as well-known as was Lou Reed, but I think he was far more talented. He plays several different instruments and composes a surprisingly wide range of music, including modern classical. He has written some of the strangest songs I have ever heard, including "Rosegarden Funeral of Sores".

Of course, all of this is just my opinion. But if you haven't listen to anything by John Cale, he's definitely worth checking out. He released a double disc live CD called Circus not too long ago. This is a good one check out if you'd like to get a sample of some of his best work. First three tracks, in particular, are among the best songs on the CD.

Anyway, RIP Lou Reed…


PureSalem Guitars

The Velvet Underground along with the Ramones are two of Americas most important bands. Their influence continues to this day. Lou Reed was a daring soul and a fearless songwriter. He will be greatly missed ... His work in The Velvet Underground set the way for those who followed ... R.I.P Lou - " Set The Twilight Reeling "

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