Lynyrd Skynyrd to Release New Album, 'Last of a Dying Breed,' in August



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Go to hell bastard!
Some things keep on rolling... LYNYRD SKYNYRD is one of them!



Your comment is disgusting. You dont have to like Skynyrd, but you should have some respect for the dead, the survivors, the band and their fans. Wishing more band members died in the crash is wrong, but thats what haters do I guess.
Three generations later, millions of fans world-wide and another sold out tour keep lots of people happy...including the band members. You got something against folks havin' a good time?
Hey, I got some ideas for ya.... dont go to any Lynyrd Skynyrd shows,dont buy the new album and while you're at it, gain some level of respect for others. Pitiful...


Yet another reminder that the plane crash didn't go far enough.

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