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Megadeth Fans Play David Ellefson's Favorite Bass Lines

Megadeth Fans Play David Ellefson's Favorite Bass Lines

Last month, SIT Strings teamed up with Guitar World and Megadeth to launch a fun contest for all the bassists in the house.

All you had to do is shoot a quick video of yourself playing one or all of David Ellefson favorite Megadeth's bass lines from THIS VIDEO, then send the YouTube or Facebook link (with your full name somewhere in the email) to us at

Below, we present several videos sent to us from Megadeth fans around the world. Ellefson and the SIT crew will watch the videos and select the winners, all of whom will receive a set of SIT David Ellefson Signature Bass Strings, a signed Ellefson poster and a special Virtual Reality version of Megadeth's new album, Dystopia.

For more about Ellefson's signature SIT strings, check out For more about the Virtual Reality version of Dystopia, head here.


Zakk Benn


Juan Lopez


Leandro Olavarria


Giovanni Sena


Luke Gallagher


Jorge Daniel Vargas Rodríguez


Hans J. Vollert


Kevin Willis


Brian Walker


Matt Bryson



Tyler Cranshaw



Josh Hannigan


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