Man of Steel with Steel Panther's Satchel: Using Repetition to Build Solo Lines



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I learned an amazing amount of stuff and things from this video, like, you know, like I've been wasting my time with using modes all over the neck, you know. When all I had to do was to stay in the pentatonic box and do the same lick all the time.

What an idiot I've been!


I'm stoked to spend more than 20% of my time on Guitar WORLD website watching the Ubisoft Rocksmith commercial! I just can't get enough of watching that commercial! embed it everywhere you can please! actually f that - just let that commercial be the only thing on your site!



Ha, ha! That's funny. I completely agree. If the goal was to prevent me from buying Rocksmith, consider the advertising campaign an overwhelming success. After only a couple of hours on the Guitar WORLD website, I developed a hatred for a product I've never used. Well done.

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