Marshall DSL40C Guitar Amp — Demo Video



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From my own experience I have to say that these new DSL models aren't nearly as good as the old JCM2000 DSL's. I bought a new DSL 100 head (as a backup to my JVM)and it doesn't compare to my old JCM 2000 that I used to have. The reverb is hardly noticable no matter what the setting, and any adjustment to the EQ is barely if at all noticable. If you have the setting on 1 or 10, for the bass, middle or treb you can't tell any difference. The clean isn't as good and the distortion chanel has a too loud hiss. I wouldn't go so far to say it's a peice of junk but it's not worth the pice for it. I'd recomed buying a older JCM 2000 DSL or a JVM which is a totally great amp. Kinda pricey, but worth every penny.


I ordered one on-line from GC in late 2013. It arrived well packed and intact and sounded great......for about 15 or 20 minutes and then it just dropped out. The volume went down to about a third, or less, of what it had been and no messing with the knobs would bring it back to life. I'm sure I just got unlucky with this one and although I'm an experienced technician I wasn't about to tear into something that was brand new so I took it back to the local GC shop and walked out with a new Gibson SG instead!



It's AAS - Asian Amp Syndrome. I never returned an amp until I bought one that was made in China. It had a mystery problem that no tech could figure out - one day it just cut out to dead silence even though it powered up and the power indicator lit up. Since then I've had similar problems with new amps made in China or Vietnam. The quality control on these products is non-existent.

I've settled for paying more for amps made in the US or Europe or even Mexico as I've never had any problems with them other than blown tubes (and the tubes were made in, you guessed it, China).



I liked Marshal amps better when they made their own in England, instead of--as with this one--importing them from Vietnam.



That guitar looks pretty expensive. What did it cost? I would guess at least $1800. The amp retails for 699$. I would think that people who are looking to buy this amp are not players with 2000$ guitars. I see it all the time in gear reviews. Why do you insist on playing a 2000$ guitar through a 700$ amp? My point is, I have a 600$ Epi, and if this review were to really help me decide on whether to purchase this amp, I would like to hear it through a guitar that is more comparable to mine.



totally agree with your point. i would like to add that there are some great mid price guitars that can compete with the higher models. i have a prs se custom 24 that a got at guitar center for about $560 and is better than a usa fender tele highway one model i traded in for, the salesman couldn't belive i wanted to trade a usa guitar for an import but the psr is so superior to the tele it was a done deal. if you cant afford a custom shop model any guitar built in a modern factory there isn't much difrence in from top of the line and budget line stuff.



I got mine, and felt it could sound better, so I put a WGS Reaper 30 speaker, that had been already been broken in, and 4 JJ 12AX7's in it. The amp came to life instantly. The cleans are beautiful and the amp turned into an instant gem. If you buy this amp, do yourself a favor and replace the cheap speaker and the cheap preamp tubes. It makes a world of difference and the total cost of upgrade was less than $100. Incredible amp after mods.



thanks for the tip. How was the distortion after the change?

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