MC5 Guitarist Wayne Kramer Returning to Jail — With Guitars



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Kramer must have a really wide poop chute to be able to smuggle in all those guitars.

He probably developed it from all those music industry scumbags sodomizing musicians with bad deals/contracts back in the MC5 days...

I bet some of the favorite songs to learn to play in the big house are "Jailbreak" and "Cop Killer".


Wow! I thought I was grumpy.
Benji8461 REALLY needs a nap.
P.S. Ben, say hello to T, Nugent and G. Soros and Ann(the man) Coulter for me, k? Right-wing fruit cake.



Why include G. Soros in the list?


I don't always talk to Salmonline.....but when I do, I ask for large fries... Feast easy my friends.


"Codpiece": Nope...not grumpy or a right wing fruit cake, though I am laughing my ass off at you (more on that, later). I don't know if you live in the middle of a hay field... I live in a city of 5 million people and have been touched by violent crime many many times. It's no fun and those that have done people wrong in that manner need to pay for their crimes...and not kickin' back and coppin' a jam with their cell mates. perhaps if one day, you crawl outa the back woods (or jail cell, maybe) and unfortunately, are affected by a violent crime, you'll understand.

P.S. uh..fillet o' fish: at the risk of making a complete fool outa yourself to millions of people time, uh...ya may wanna Google your facts with a wee bit more accuracy. George Soros, the billionaire, was the single largest contributor to Barack Obama's presidential campaign in well as being the single largest contributor to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Not exactly a "right winger". With ill informed morons such as yourself voting, no wonder Obama got elected, Let me ask you think Obama should once again run with V.P. Spiro Agnew as his running mate, or do you think he should run with General Andrew Jackson instead?....... It's so true..You simply can't fix stupid...LMFAO



Hey Einstein - nice job equating Wayne Kramer's "crime" with violent criminals like murderers. Why don't YOU check YOUR facts, tough guy? I guess if we check your rap sheet it'll be clean as a whistle, right?

Back in the '60s people got 20 to life for possessing a joint. But let the punishment fit the crime, right? Do you even know what Kramer was in for? I doubt it.

Oh, and BTW, while we're on the subject of "facts" there is no city in America with a population of "5 million." NYC is 8,175,133, LA is 3,792,621 and Chicago is 2,695,598. What city did you say you lived in again? BTW, you could have verified these "facts" in about 10 seconds before shooting your big stupid mouth off making YOURSELF look like a MORON.

Before you rip others for factual accuracy you might want to make sure you know what YOU'RE talking about. Otherwise you have NO credibility whatsoever, Genius.


Are you kidding me? Seriously?

"When I played music in prison, I wasn't in prison anymore," Kramer, 63, said. "And that's what we're trying to accomplish with the instrument donations. That this is a way that you can get through this time, that you can go someplace else, you can get involved in your guitar."

Here's a little inside information for the intellectually challenged: Prison is SUPPOSED to FEEL like prison. It's supposed to suck...and badly at that. I wonder how many kids were playing guitar with their fathers, then left home to visit a friend to show him the licks he shared with his dad, but was gunned down and murdered on the way... Wow...wonder if THAT person serving time deserves a guitar so he/she won't feel like they are in prison anymore, huh? Or the guy who knowingly, sold someone a "hot dose" (which happened to a good friend of mine, who's been dead for 20 years now). Guess he shouldn't feel like he's in prison either, right?

You know Brad (Tolinski), I can stomach all the political barbs in your interviews to a certain extent, but your support of this BS makes Guitar Player Magazine, look better every day. Oh, an nice touch pulling an article from The Huffington Post..hahaha, the very "bastian" of journalistic integrity...pfft...please.....

Oh, and Brad, give my regards to William Ayers and Bernadette Doran at your next dinner party, ok?



Hey Benji, just an FYI - its BernarDINE DOHRN....again, accuracy in facts and spelling are important to establish credibility - but continue to go ahead and criticize OTHERS for being STUPID. Obviously you can't read....

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