Megadeth Commence Work on Fourteenth Studio Album



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Chris B. is a seriously talented guitar player. But I will still take Marty for what I call the emotional side of a lead part. For that matter, I was a huge Drover fan myself. His work on United Abominations is right up there with Marty's stuff. Chops for sure. But not at the cost of a superbly winding trip of a solo. Again, I'm not hating on Chris. He is a guitar master. I just like my leads to have more soul injected in them. I'm not a big fan of Thirteen to be honest. The whole thing feels "fabricated" to me instead of "created". Some will understand what I mean. I know most of my buds agree on it. United feels like Dave locked himself in a cave and didn't come out until he had enough great music to make a record. This was the closest to Rust in Peace and Peace Sells that I have heard from him. By the way, I love his great stuff so much that I forgive him the stuff that sounds rushed. I'm no Dave hater. I prefer his great music to anything Metallica has put out by far. But the rest of it is just okay. Just my 2cents. I'll check out the new one for sure. Just like I always do. Hoping for another masterpiece. Peace to you all.


The Shred King ...

Chris Broderick is seriously giving Marty Friedman a run for best lead guitarist ever in Megadeth. Chris Poland any comments?


I'm looking forward to it. Always have and always will.

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