Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: "I'm Just Hoping That Whatever is in the White House Next Year is a Republican"



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Trust me, Dave Mustaine doesn't know anything about politics. He's an amazing musician, and he may know about a lot of other things, but politics isn't one of them. I can only guess at two reasons for his desire to see a Republican in office. The first would be that he wants to keep his Bush tax cuts which he receives for being part of the highest income bracket. Typical Republican selfish mentality. "The country's going broke, the deficit is going up and up, but screw all of you and my country, I'm in this for ME! 12 years of massive tax cuts aren't enough, I want more!" Secondly, and what's most likely, is that Dave Mustaine is a Christian, so he likes Rick Santorum because he indentifies with Santorum's bigoted message. Dave Mustaine has made public statements against gay marriage before, claiming his faith as justification for denying an entire group of people the right and the freedom to marry whomever they choose. Sorry, but your personal religion is not a good enough reason to discriminate against an entire class of people, Dave. I guess you became a Christian because it helped you move past your destructive lifestyle, and now you're buying into all the stupid stuff that Christian leaders say. I don't tolerate intolerance, and that's all his opinion boils down to. Obama has been a disappointment for me, but I'm not going to vote for a LUNATIC that simply wants to keep cutting taxes for wealthy people, allowing Wall Street to fuck this country up the ass some more, and take us into a war with Iran that will be 10x more costly and destructive than Iraq ever was. Dave Mustaine is a great guitar player, but that doesn't mean he's a smart guy.


Anybody but Hussein.



YAAAAAAYA a warmongering religious zealot for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh a wait this isn't Iran is it.....our votes mean something. I guess if I made over $250,00.00 a year I would vote republican also so I wouldn't have to pay my fair share of taxes. I don't guess Dave cares if regular working class dude gets a tax break of 2% off of our 30% + we pay as long as the rich keep the 15% rate and tax write offs for airplanes. I might have to find new meaning in his lyrics as I though he was one of us regular working class dudes from his songs.I guess Dave's tax bracket decides the party.I'm a firm believer in success and everyone making money...I just think everyone should pay the same percentage of taxes to build roads and keep America strong. I'm middle class I pay taxes so bums can stay home and rich people can fly airplanes..The old poke and choke.



Santorum? Tell me this is a bad joke, Dave. He's a bigoted, self-righteous blowhard who says he has all the answers when he has none. President Obama has not been 100 percent successful, but the Republicans have nothing to offer except tax cuts for the rich and contempt for the middle class.


Wow, I would have totally figured Mustaine to be a Ron Paul guy. The lyrics from "Endgame" are right in Ron Paul's wheelhouse. Santorum? No way.



Dont vote it only encourages the b-BEEEP!-ds


I think that's a pretty narrow point of view. So he'd be ok with a child rapist that murders people but he's ok if they are Republican?


Um, I'm pretty sure he was talking about people who were actually running for president. Last I checked there weren't any child-raping murderers in that group.



I dunno, Newt Gingrich comes pretty close.



I try to be non-partisan, but I think it's pretty refreshing to see a famous artist who's not a radical, label-voting liberal, and moreover, seems to actually know what he's talking about. Good for you, Dave!


I have always liked Megadeth, but now I am a huge fan. Dave has a way of "just saying" it that makes sense. I think more people should listen to him rather than the talking heads on the news outlets.


Sergio Michel

Rockin' Dave. I agree 100%. Like you, I still like Newt, but Santorum's pulling off an upset I think. Yes, ANY one of the GOP Candidates is better than Obama 100%.

-The Serge

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