Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Wants to Form Supergroup with James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich



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Why don't Ellefson and Mustaine write a song for Metallica? Mustaine wrote alot of the good old ones anyway, they could trade a song for a song. This is such a good idea, that Gary Holt should be a guest soloist on the Megadeth by metallica track. Perfect way to squash it and the world gets two old school brand new Metallica tracks, official. Win effin' win.



Why not get a good drummer instead? I don't think Hetfield is a very prolific writer. As he has said before, there are no "lost" Metallica songs or rare B sides. The stuff he writes goes on Tallica records. That's it. I doubt he would waste his precious riffs on anything else.


A super group would be Dave Mustaine, Ellefson with Mike Portnoy on drums and Howard Jones from Killswitch on vocals. Chris Broderick and Marty Friedman trading solos. That would be new- Ultramegadeth and it would probably happen way before Hetfield and Ulrich.



What happens when you realize you'll never be back in Metallica? Accept it 20 years ago? Accept it today? Propose a supergroup? THAT LAST ONE THAT LAST ONE!!



Metallideth, MegaMettaliDeth, what would you call such a beast of a band?

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