Members of Rock and Metal Communities Send Good Vibes to Tony Iommi



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I wish I could say I am a big fan of Metal (like it a little) but not aFAN. With that said, I am a fan of Iommi and Black Sabbath, and a guitar player. All my prayers and hope for a speedy, full recovery. When you are back on your feet I hope you go forward with your plan to tour. If possible I will be in the front row. In your honor I am going to try to learn Ironman. Just learned to play War Pigs. Positive vibes and stay positive, half the battle is your attitude. I speak from experience, had a similar battle 5 years ago, just stay positive and Fuck the small stuff



As a modern guitarist,all I have to say is, this man has inspired me immensely. I have only love and admiration for what he has done for heavy guitar. Please get well Tony....We all love you!!!

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