Members of The Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen Sign Anti-Piracy Letter to British Prime Minister



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I agree that some things are outdated yet when I look at the big picture file sharing is still stealing. It doesn't bother me if a friend shares a CD with another friend.(Never bothered Axl Rose either) But if they are sending it across networks to millions of people then that's something I think is not quite right.
Performance royalties should be paid and listeners should subscribe or at least understand it wasn't free to make the recording, it cost the band thousands. And my time is not free. And this is the thing - are you ever going to get time back? Nope.

Where does it stop? At what point do fans get paid back for previous purchases? Almost all Hit Singles and other tracks cost 99 cents. Same price as it was in 1960! An APP for making farting sounds costs 99 cents. Are you saying an Fart is more valuable than a Song ? WTF ? C'mon!


All the signatories on the list should read Jacque Attali's 'The Political Economy of Music', they're living in the past if they think this law would made the slightest bit of difference, the music industry in the UK is full of talent, yet no-one turns up to watch these gigs. All the sh*t seems to have floated to the top whilst leaving out the real talent. They need to ignore the internet and help out the people stuck where they started, in the pubs and clubs of the UK.



They didn't seem to mention anything about the people who bought 8-tracks, records, cassettes, and then CD's of the same Artist and Album Title for each form of listening media. They did not care that we already purchased the rights many years ago to listen to their work.

The industry should have come up with an upgrade offer. Maybe $5 off of the new media when turning in the old.

Now we have millions of cassettes, records, and CD's from these particular artists just being shuffled around from person to person at no charge. What's the difference in what they are pointing to now?

I know that some people would prefer download a song or CD first before purchasing it to see if it's really worth the money. We are also in a new media form evolution change. CD's are dead for the most part. Bring on the pre-loaded with music flash drives in the stores. Prices should be lower due to a low production cost.

I blew thousands of dollars on records, tapes, cd's in my day just to find out that half of them were total crap and non-refundable. I can still hear my mother bitching at me.

Artists, I think you have a point but only to a certain extent. Think of the fans also. Without us, you're nothing.



Adapt or die-off. Some big names there that I have much respect for, but times are changing and you all look pitiful trying to slow the change down. Who am I to say? A nobody, for sure in your eyes but my music is free and made for the sake of music. check it out


These guys are making more money now than they did when they were relevant.
Go cash your checks boys and let this generation take care of itself, k?
That will be all.



I love that it includes DR. Brian May

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