MESA Mini Rectifier Amp: Mini Yet Mighty



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I have had this amp for a month now. I have played 2 shows with it and have used it at rehearsal as well. It's an amazing amp and has just the right amount of power to be plenty for work on stage and not overpower the rest of the band. Right when you get it to the point of where it's at the right volume (that's where the volume stops going up and the power tube "Bloom" starts to happen) it allows you to further shape your tone with the right amount of power tube saturation. I have amps with more power (Single Rec 50 and a 6505), but I keep coming back to this amp and it's quickly become my favourite "go-to" amp. Also I have to say that the EL84s are magical in this amp. I had a Dual Rec and currently also have a Single Rec 50 with 6L6s. They are both great amps with their own character but the EL84s in the Mini Rec have a character all their own. You loose a bit of low end with the EL84s however you gain a tonal quality that's not easy to find in the bigger Recs. Another cool thing is I find myself not needing to use an overdrive pedal to boost the amp either, which I needed on the larger Recs to get the compression I wanted at the right volume. With the Mini you just set it at 10 or 25 watts depending on application, set your gain and EQ and then crank it up till the power section coaxes the amp to the right amount of grind/compression you are looking for. It's a brilliant amp!

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