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Articles about Meshuggah

Meshuggah Announce New Album Title

Swedish progressive metal band Meshuggah have announced Koloss as the title of their upcoming new album, which is due out March 27 via Nuclear Blast. ... …

Meshuggah Share the Secrets of Their Sound

Djent--an off-shoot of progressive metal that features heavily palm-muted, distorted guitar chords alongside virtuoso soloing -- is all the rage these days in the metal world, but let's not forget where it all started. Many of the sub-genre's leading bands will tell you the inspiration for their sound came from one band: Meshuggah. In the following interview, Meshuggah guitarists Fredrik... …

Periphery "Jetpacks Was Yes" Video Premiere!

Guitar World is pleased to host the premiere of "Jetpacks Was Yes," the new video from Maryland six-piece prog-metal outfit Periphery! The video was produced by Eric Haviv, Richard Webb and Brandon Morris of FUGO Studios. FUGO Studios. // Vocalist Spencer Sotelo comments on the new video: "Originally the guys and I wanted to portray a very melancholy vibe. We had been brainstorming ideas... …