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Articles about Meshuggah

Meshuggah Share the Secrets of Their Sound

Djent--an off-shoot of progressive metal that features heavily palm-muted, distorted guitar chords alongside virtuoso soloing -- is all the rage these days in the metal world, but let's not forget where it all started. Many of the sub-genre's leading bands will tell you the inspiration for their sound came from one band: Meshuggah. In the following interview, Meshuggah guitarists Fredrik... …

Periphery "Jetpacks Was Yes" Video Premiere!

Guitar World is pleased to host the premiere of "Jetpacks Was Yes," the new video from Maryland six-piece prog-metal outfit Periphery! The video was produced by Eric Haviv, Richard Webb and Brandon Morris of FUGO Studios. FUGO Studios. // Vocalist Spencer Sotelo comments on the new video: "Originally the guys and I wanted to portray a very melancholy vibe. We had been brainstorming ideas... …