Metal For Life: Mastering the Art of Vibrato



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The Shred King ...

Cool lesson and great recorded tone! I hear way too many players simply going for speed and completely omitting vibrato. Guys like George Lynch and Warren DeMartini don't necessarily play at warp speed but truly add emotion and excitement to their playing by way of their trademark vibrato.

Separately, does a scalloped fretboard really allow for better vibrato?



Hey Shred King,

Yes, scalloped fretboard could help in obtaining a nice vibrato, but most great players develop it on a standard guitar neck. So could it help? Yes. Is it necessary? No.

I also agree that great, signature vibrato is really one of the most important things any guitar player can possess hands down. Its like a business card in your playing.

Thanks for studying the columns.
Horns Up.



Thanks for a another killer lesson, Mike! One thing that an instructor told me to also pay attention to is .. keeping the vibrato in sync with the beat of the music. It adds a synchronized, percussive feel to the vibrato on top of that "singing, expressive" feel that you mentioned. So, pay attention, everyone, to SPEED of the vibrato .... I always do it too fast, even in a ballad beat ... gotta work on that.




It is definitely harder to get a nice, slow, in tune vibrato together versus a fast one. It comes down to control and strength.

You always want to be aware of everything that you play including as you mentioned - how a vibrato fits within the beat/feel of the music.


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