Metal For Life: Unlocking the Secrets of the Seven Fundamental Modes Favored by Randy Rhoads



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Hey I'm a real fan of the lessons and the magazine. These lessons in
The April and may 2013 issues under metal for life are amazing. "The randy modes" Seven fundamental modes. A perfect example of how a truly helpful lesson will resonate and teach. They are the 2 single most helpful lessons in your magazine in a few years (I have every issue). Thank you Metal Mike, and thank you GW.
Scott Kowalczyk


Johnny Rhoads

Thanks Mike, you just can't beat actually visually seeing this stuff being shown, on paper its always a jumble of stuff. Randy Rhoads was the ultimate. Fondly missed.



I have been trying to learn these different modes by reading my tutorial books on scales and modes and was kind of getting it but still had some confusion.I have been playing guitar for 25+ years but never really learned much about theory.Now that im trying to get more advanced in music and watching these vids from Metal Mike it really put the modes into a better perspective for me to understand them.Great lesson Mike!I now know how the modes are formed out of the major scale!



Glad you are getting so much out of this lesson. Expect more on this in the next issue. I'm doing my best to present these modes in a way that most can easily apply the information. Getting this info under your fingers is definitely a good step towards writing some sick leads. Horns and keep playing.



"I’ll show you how chords and chord progressions can be built from each mode"

Where's that ??



You'll find additional mode related info in the up-coming issue. It is way too much to explain everything within one column. It's worth the time investment for sure to absorb this all in. Horns and keep playing!

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