Metal For Life: Using a Metal Approach with Classical-Style Themes



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Metal Mike C

I say if its working for you as far as your guitar staying in tune in order for you to practice, learn songs, etc - you are fine. I don't think this creates problems on your guitar if that is what you are concerned about. The strings can take it, too.

This becomes more problematic when you are recording as many things like that can affect the intonation, etc. Also, I do think that a guitar stays best in tune if it is "used" to a set tuning.

But, at the end of the day - if you have one guitar - then do what is needed. You are ok.

Good luck,


Bouncing off of that previous question. Is it a problem on the strings to be changing your tuning on your guitar all the time? I mean, like, bouncing between standard , E flat and D every other day depending on what you're working on? I like the sound of E flat for my stuff, a lot of your stuff seems to be in D and 90% of everything else in standard. I don't mind retuning as I have just one guitar.


Metal Mike C

Thanks Rempelrt. When I use the D tuning (Meaning every string is tuned down a whole step) - I use gauges 10-52. This gauge feels right.
For regular standard tuning I use 9-46.

Horns and thanks for following the columns.

Stay with it!

Metal For Life,



Great lesson Mike. Just one question what gauge strings are you use being D tuned like that.

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