Metal Mike: 10 Essential Metal Licks



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Anybody has tabs and chords for Halford - Twenty - five years and Like There's No Tomorrow ??
I would appreciate help on that...Thanks!!! :-)))






Do I have to watch that stupid ad every time I start a lesson again?



I am unable to view all the videos here. I found the first video (Lick 1) on youtube. Are all the other videos there as well?


Metal Mike C

Summer Months.

Some of my best strides in playing guitar were made while all my friends were hanging out, partying and so on during the Summer months. I was usually home practicing. Yeah, I gave up a bit on the social life, but it was worth it.

I remember working a week straight 8hrs a say learning Ozzy's "Killer Of Giants". It was tough, but eventually I got the hang of it. I admit that I looked at learning guitar as a competition. But, it was in a way of who was going to progress faster.

So, this is just a tip, but think about it.

PS. I made up for some of the lost time at a place one Summer Night called The Playboy Mansion, not kidding. Told you practicing was good. Think what it is that you want and work towards it.


Metal Mike C

Hey Metalling guys and gals,

I have gotten several e-mails in regards to the tuning(s)/strings that I use.

For tunings: I use mostly standard E (A=440) as well as what I call a D tuning, which is every string down a whole step.

For regular E - the string guages are 9-46
For D - the string guages at 10-52

Just remember that you don't need to tune down into the depth of hell for a riff to sound heavy - as a matter a fact, a great riff will sound kick ass with standard tuning as well.

Make this a challenge. Make great riffs in regular standard A440 tuning. It will make you work harder. Good luck!



This lesson was incredible! I found he explains things very clearly and my style is similar to his. I saw Metal Mike playing in Halford when they opened for Ozzy. One of the best opening acts! Thank you!


Metal Mike C

Hey Metal Shredders,

Just a quick note to say thanks for following the columns. I am always working on taking simple ideas that make a big difference and bring them forward in each "Metal For Life" column.

I'm glad that you guys are digging the riffs. Keep those horns up high and keep playing. Remember, playing guitar and hour and day everyday will bring great results - make it a goal for the Summer months!


Metal J

Great lesson, as always Metal Mike proves why he is the premier metal guitarist today!! Old school shredding with modern day aggression!! Kudos to guitar world for bringing Metal Mike to the masses!!!




Erm, I noticed on my friend his computer that there are actually lessons here, but apparently they aren't viewable for some... GUYS FIX THIS!



So...where the fuck is the tablature at??? NOt everyone is an expert!!! Help me out..



Just bought Guitar world for the METAL MIKE lessons !!!!!
Mike is an incredible guitar player and a very cool guy !



Are there tabs anywhere? I'd even subscribe if there are.



where do i find the tabs?? having a rectal cranial inverstion today. HELP--thanks.



This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! I know I'm no guitar god who can play those insane solos, but these riffs and licks fit me perfectly! It's broken down so I can get it and it's helping me be more creative with my style and writing, which is what I've been wanting for a LONG time. I wanna see more from Metal Mike!!! \m/



I have seen this guy on tour and went to a few of his clinics. Guitar World should have had a column by Mike years ago. He is a master shredder and riff writer and he explains technical/ fast stuff in easy to understand format. Why isn't there a link to this on the homepage, I found this by accident. If I had known Metal Mike was in your magazine I would have defiantly bought this month's issue.



One of the best features GW has done in some time. These ideas helped me improve my lead and rhythm playing immediately. Definitely something for everyone; the lesson covers a lot of different metal genres. As a bonus, Metal Mike gave very thorough explanations about the way to play the riffs correctly and most importantly, how they would fit in the context of a song. Well done- check it out.



This dude should have his own instructional DVD.

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