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Metal Mike: 10 Essential Metal Licks

Metal Mike: 10 Essential Metal Licks
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Lick #02 - Classical-Style Arpeggios This is a lead idea based off of arpeggios with a string skip on the B-string. Mike demonstrates the fingerings of each part of the lick. Lesson Contents Lick #01 - Late 80's Bay Area Thrash Lick #02 - Classical-Style Arpeggios Lick #03 - Melodic Theme Lick #04 - Combining Two Pentatonic Scale Positions Lick #05 - Phrygian Dominant Lick Lick #06 - Speed Metal Lick #07 - Two-Note Power Chord Riff Lick #08 - Dimebag/Pantera Style Lick #09 - Odd Time Arpeggios Lick #10 - Jake E. Lee Style


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