Metal Mike: Break Your Rhythm and Build Confidence in Taking the Lead



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To tscoolberth.... Frank Gambale has a dvd called "Modes:No More Mystery". This dvd will definetly teach you about modes. Hope you check it out and good luck.


I took a long break from guitar .. 15 yrs! The thing I have not been able to bring back is lead playing. And the reson why is the reason I quit. I was bored inside the Pentatonic Prison!

My goal now is learn the modes, but how to do that, exactly, I don't know. Maybe just finding the right teacher, or DVD, but I've noticed most teachers just gives examples of modal play .. rather than explain them at their root (especially in terms that Pentatonic Prisoners can fathom.)



I played rock and blues for 10 years.
The 11th and the 12th years I practically did not play. I was bored.

Then I realized that all my favorite guitar players at that time are dead ones (SRV, Jimi ...).

So I decided to start listening to metal and try to like it.

Result -> Last year I bought myself a Jackson Reversed Head and started to learn metal songs.

Best move I ever made ... Now I play everyday and learn something new every week and get better every month (I know because I record it down in excel).

I feel reborn.

When I get bored of metal I'm gonna move to jazz.

Never fear to learn something new. And never forget ... YOU are the best teacher you will ever get, but YOU are also the worst student you'll ever have.

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