Metal Mike: Metal for Life (July 2011) Video



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nevermind it was my computer



so how do i play this video?



Metal Mike, Your tone is excellent! Can you give a rundown of your equipment for this lesson?


Metal Mike C

Hey shredderthos,

Sure. The set up is very simple. I played through a combo Blackstar amp and my guitar is as you can see a Jackson USA Randy Rhoads model.
No effects there outside of a Boss tuner going into the amp. I make sure that that I use good cables. I drive my techs crazy, but I actually have them clean all the connections (that go into an amp or guitar, pedal) with a cloth. It is amazing what difference little things can do for you. Also, a guitar that is well intonated and in tune will help any amp sound its best. Thanks for following the lessons. Horns up high - MM

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