Metal Mike: One-Way Ticket to a Sick Guitar Tone



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freddy says

Your right there is no substitute for good playing technique. For many years I always wanted a Marshall 100W head. I finally bought a 3-channel TSL, because of the variety of tone options. Ironicly my favorite "tone" today is just using an overdrive pedal into the clean channel. Often less is more, so don't be wooed by all the bells & whistles.



Similarly, only after playing my Strat for eight years did I finally figure out how to consistently get that classic Strat tone.


This is great advice. I always thought the grass was greener on the other side tone-wise also... Then I noticed that no matter what amp/combination I was using (within reason... I'm not gonna use a Daisy girl-guitar through a Fender bass practice amp...) my tone was the same. It had a distinctness about it.

Anyhow, great article! I always look forward to these!



I can't tell how many times i've heard guitarists in the past with such amazing chops, but such terrible tone. I learned from watching those instructional videos on Shawn Lane and Paul Gilberto that you don't need to put the gain at 11 to shred. It sounds better around 7.


The Shred King ...

Great perspective and very true. Not to mention that this approach can save you hundreds of dollars on gear that isn't essential to your playing.

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