Metallica Announce 'Through The Never' Soundtrack Details



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So the f**king marketing team/management of Metallica, decided to release a f**king "greatest hits" album, and now they try to sell it as a "movie soundtrack" ?? That's f**king ..lame!! Do they think the fans are stupid or something?



You really need to put the keyboard down, turn off the computer, put it back in the box and take it back to the store because you are clearly too stupid to understand that a "soundtrack" from the 30th anniversary show where footage of that "live" performance is the backdrop to the movie means that the "soundtrack" is really a "LIVE ALBUM" that happens to include the greatest hits of Metallica's 30 year career and not a "greatest hits" collection.

Seriously, do you really think Metallica wrote "The Ecstasy of Gold"? Really?

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