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Articles about Metallica

Dude Plays Metallica's "One" on One Guitar

Every May, Rob Scallon, a guitarist with a YouTube account, celebrates the existence of Metallica by posting a series of "May-tallica" videos, some of which are pretty good. Below, you can check out his latest one (posted today): "Metallica's 'One' Played on One Guitar." ... …

Dude Plays Every Metallica Song…in Four Minutes

As part of what he calls “May-tallica,” Rob Scallon, a guitar player with a YouTube account, has posted videos of himself playing “Master of Puppets” on banjo and “Blackened” on ukulele. Now Scallon has tackled the entire Metallica catalog, playing every song in four minutes. Of course, he's not really playing every song; he's playing a few seconds of every song. Whatever. …

Metallica Serenade Willie Mays at San Francisco Giants Game

This past Friday night, Metallica's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett performed "The Star Spangled Banner" at AT&T Park in San Francisco. As you can see in the Facebook photos below, they played custom San Francisco Giants-themed ESP guitars through a pair of Giants-themed Mesa/Boogie cabinets. ... …