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Kirk Hammett: “The Consequences of Losing My Phone Have Been Immense”

As many will remember, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett misplaced his cell phone while in Denmark in 2015. Lost with the phone were, Hammett reckons, some 250 to 300 riffs that he’d recorded with his phone, never to be heard again. The timing was particularly devastating, as Metallica were soon to begin work on what would become their latest album, Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, which was released on... …

Kirk Hammett Talks ‘Hardwired’ Guitar Solos: “Lars Coached, I Improvised”

Kirk Hammett sat down with Metallica’s So What! blog to talk about his approach to soloing on the group’s latest release, Hardwired…to Self-Destruct. In the discussion, Hammett reveals how he took a spontaneous approach to soloing, laying down 25 to 30 solos, after which drummer Lars Ulrich would come in and provide what Hammett refers to as “coaching” to help fine tune his efforts. ... …