Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax to Share Stages Together in 2010



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Now for my personal opinions. I was very happy with the setlists for Megadeth and Metallica. Megadeth didn't waste time chatting, they went from song to song and really delivered. I've seen Megadeth live many times and they are always incredible, this is no exception, what really got me going for the Megadeth set was the guitar, those riffs are just so amazing, and Chris Broderick is an amazing addition to this lineup.
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Zakk I must tell you that I was only a moderate fan of BLS. was before your new album Order Of the Black! This is the best album of the year by far! I am glad you have recovered from your serious medical condition and I voted for you on Dancing with the stars as well. You have truly grabbed life by the horns, brother.



I agree,they should definitely do this tour in the states.It would take off and be appreciated.You gotta do it guys for the U.S. fans.



This is amazing, the only thing I noticed was that this was all in Eastern Europe, and for all you that are gonna say, "Sonisphere, can't you read", yeah I can read, and I'm reading "NOT IN THE USA!" No shows in New York, L.A., Chicago, Phily, SAN FRANCISCO, Miami, Dallas, hell not even in Minot frikkin, North Dakota. Maybe their testing the waters for something special in the U.S.? Then again, I won't hold my breath! I will, though, cross my fingers.

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