Metallica/Lou Reed: Audio Samples of Entire Album Available



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Metallica is the McDonalds of metal. Pure shite! Do the world a favor and RETIRE!



Lou Reed may be a good song writer, but the man cannot sing. My dog sounds better when she howls. The music itself seems to be good, but you just cannot get past the vocals. Metallica has been going down hill ever since Cliff Burton died. No wonder Jason Newsted left. He made a good choice. I have been listening to them since Kill 'em All came out. They should hire Dave Mustain to do remixes of all there albums. He did a great job on Megadeth's remasters.



Oh my god you have to be kidding me! The remix/remaster of Rust in Peace was an abortion! Mustaine should be put behind bars for that disgrace.



That was horrible. I tried to listen to it from a "non-metal" perspective like Kirk said to, and I still lost almost all respect for Metallica. I don't mind it not being heavy, or fast, or thrashy, or anything they've been in the past, but with Lou Reed on vocals, that absolutly, 100%, just killed it for me. This isn't an album I'm gonna go waste money on let alone even torrent it for free. So much for a follow up to Death Magnetic. =/


anthraxman4, I want to say much more and rip this album apart from now, but you pretty much summed my feelings towards this horrific insult to music.

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