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Amazing, hard hittin, ass kickin album! In my opinion it's the best "full" sounding tone they have ever had. The low E's punch you through you through the speakers! Hetfield's vocals are the best yet. They have all grown musically and it shows here. I would like to hear some more harmony breaks from Kirk and James however, but thats just me. Robert's addition to the band was a huge "get." Lookin forward to the next!



Definitely their best since the black album-maybe even better. Vocals are great. Guitar harmonies are fantastic and the drums never let up. They're bass player is awesome,too. Every song could be a hit single.



After purchasing St. Anger, and finding little bits here and there that grated on me so badly that i ended up despising the whole album, I was afraid to get Death Magnetic, but I went with my gut. Here's a Metallica the world had never heard before, along with the same Metallica that orthodox Metallicans knew and loved from '91, and the Metallica most would've expected to hear more of from the Load/Reload era. I was disappointed that they didn't get back to their roots more on this one, but the overall feel of it is amazing.



A nearly perfect album. The only song I didn't find perfect was Cyanide, and it's still kick ass!



This album is the best they have done in some time.Very good,not as good as the old metallica back in the young years,but very good.I also agree that it's not as good as united abomination though.



WOW!!!,That's all I've got to say!Way better than St.Anger,their best since the Black Album,No doubt!So glad there back to their roots,the last time they were this fast was ...And Justice For All.Great Album!



Now it's not that this is a terrible album, because it isn't, but it isn't that great of a return either. Kirk sounds good, there are a lot of cool riff's and some good songs in general, but there are a few things that are really bothering me about this. First off, Hetfields vocals sound weak at best, Trujillo's bass is so low in the mix that you can't even hear it and Lars sounds like total and utter shit. Unforgiven 3..... come on. It is a mediocre album, if nobody had ever heard of Metallica before, this album would have went nowhere. With so many great bands like Trivium, Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy combined with old skoolers like Megadeth and testament, the boys in Metallica are just outmatched and to be honest it just sounds kinda forced and trite. I expected a lot more when I heard the review. 6/10



Best thing ive heard since the black album its just incredible that they can still make awesome tunes like that 10/10
Metallica Fucking Kicks ASS!!!



I wasn't excited about Cyanide after hearing it...but after listening to the entire CD, I think the strongest songs are :

That Was Just Your Life
Broken, Beat & Scarred
The Day That Never Comes

It's not easy to riff and come up with hooks in great metals songs...but I must say that Metallica have become seasoned song writers...and songs are important. Yeah, Kirk may not be shredding all the time, but he accents and improves the grooves through his signature playing.

It's lame for people to expect Metallica to release another Black album. Kill Em All, Ride The Lightening, Master of Puppets are classics that will rarely be matched in music today.

Where most bands fall apart after 3 or 4 releases, Metallica has weathered some pretty intense situations as a band and through these battle wounds stands a band that has helped shape music today.



I love this album.I think its even better than the black album.That WAs Just Your Life has an amazing riffs and solo and an awsome intro.Same with End of The Line and Broken Beat and Scarreda dn pretty much all of the songs.Im just glad to know that Metallica is bringing out an awsome album agian.The only problem i have with this album is James's vocals.In some parts its just a bit too high.Now if only he would grow his hair back.



cyanide may be simple and not that edge but is the 4th best song on that album and the unforgiven 3 is weak the 1st unforgiven song was killer but there are just bringigng shame to the unforgiven with 2 and 3



that cd owns big time cant get enough of it



My fav song is "cyanide". I really enjoy listening to them. only if I found the cord to the stereo that has louder speakers!



when i first listened to death magnetic, it was like, it's just ok for me, because i'm a more progressive metal fan, especially dream theater, so i like technical stuff (because i can't play them! LOL!) but when i listened to it more and more, it grew up on me, now, it's just amazing! those chugging riffs, i like how rob trujillo (correct my spelling if i'm wrong) can keep up w/ those badass riffs, so i rate this album 4.5/5! metal rules!



best metal guitarist in the world
toxic waltz!






It may just me but i find that the sound on this album.doesn't have enough bass, and everything is too distorted for me. I personally love to sound on ...And Justice For All. It has a lot of bass and gain, although the mucis is scooped, overall the guitar sound is great. i just wish that the sound wasn't so grungy.



Fuck Bob Rock and his pop bullshit!
Go make a fuckin Def Leppard record, homo1
They want to sound like duran duran anyway!
I got newz 4 u guyz, u do!
Best Producer in metal and rap, period!



When I first heard about the album i thought, $hit another st. anger but i bought it anyways. let me say it F***ing Rocks. Not like the old metallica but great to listen to. I must say kirk really could use a different affect than wah.



Well, the new album is finally here and i have to say that it is one of their best. The day taht never comes seems to hold it's place at the top of my favorites list. the solos are amazing and the vocals are sweet. i just wish i could find some decent tabs on these songs.



I really enjoyed the new album "Death Magnetic". It wasn't Metallica's older garage metal sort of style but it incorporated old styles with newer styles found in their more recent albums. Overall I would say this one of their best albums. However, the black album and Master of Puppets are much better, but it would too high an expectation to expect it to be better than those albums.



I was spoiled and a little pissed off that the album was offered in other countries before North America. Having released this album in other countries first saw the tracks from the album being released on You Tube.

Of course this was a great way to listen to the ENTIRE ALBUM before you made a decision, but I felt duped in that I never got to be surprised when I got the album home.

I think this album is very Metallica and goes back not to their roots but close enough. Like James or Kirk had said in the interview that this album was somewhere in between Justice and the Black albums, I tend to agree somewhat.

This album for me as a 30 year guitar veteran metal head was a nice surprise in that it sounded nothing like S.K.O.M. in any way. It was well produced and the guys I felt were being creative again and not over produced.

Welcome back Metallica!

Fav songs off the album- This was just your life and Judas Kiss.



This is the best Metallica album ever!It's got some of the best songs I've ever heard."all nightmare long" is easiy the best Metallica song ever!



to everyone out there,i can say i'm atrue metallica fan,ever since kill em all.i've always had an ear for music and believe it or not i've liked everything metallica has done,except the drums on st.anger,but who did? anyway this is another great album,it sounds like it belongs between master and justice,keep up the great work guys your star is really shining,oh and robert is alot better than jason by far.



By Bob Zerull, Zoiks Online

4 stars:

Metallica is probably one of the most loved/hated bands of all time. They formed in the early ‘80’s as a thrash metal band along with Slayer and Anthrax. Metallica was the first of those bands to be signed. By the time Metallica released their second album “Ride the Lightning,” die-hard “fans” were calling Metallica sellouts because of the ballad “Fade to Black.” When Metallica really sold out is a popular debate among Metallica fans/haters.

Me, I’m a Metallica fan/apologist. James (Hetfield), Lars (Ulrich) and Co. could have put out an album of all four guys sitting around farting and I probably would enjoy it, so long as Hetfield growls after every fart. “Death Magnetic” is different. This is not a complete return to the thrash metal days of the eighties, but this album kicks ass!

I love “Load,” and I like “Reload” and “St. Anger,” but when I see Metallica in concert I don’t want to hear any songs from these albums with the exception of “Fuel” off “Reload.” If these guys choose to play all songs from the new album on their current tour, I would not be disappointed.

The album starts off with a bang with, “That Was Just Your Life.” It seems to be written with the same blue print as “Battery” or “Blackened.” I can already see Metallica opening their set with this song. Fans of the “old” Metallica will instantly love this song. Other highlights on the album are the songs, “The Day that Never Comes,” which gives fans a new taste of the old “One” or “Fade to Black.” The instrumentals, “Suicide & Redemption,” “All Nightmare Long,” and the last song on the album, “My Apocalypse,” are all heavy metal bliss.


Kirk Hammet’s solos are back and as good as ever. Every song has a monster solo on it. And on more than one track there appears to be dueling solos.

The guitar riffs are as fast and heavy as ever. As a guitar player, this album makes me want to pick up my guitar and start learning these songs. Seeing these pieces played live will sure to be worth every second.

The sound and tone are great. For instance the song, “The End of the Line,” contains a very heavy, almost bouncing riff much like something from the hands of Tool or Korn. With that being said, the song doesn’t lose its signature Metallica sound. I believe that when they wrote these songs they weren’t concerned with the style of the songs. It sounds like they just wrote a bunch of music that they want to hear, with no apologies.

What’s bad?

This album is not perfect. This is certainly not the best Metallica album ever. The one low point is “Unforgiven III.” Maybe it is because I haven’t listened to the song enough, but that is the one song I find myself skipping. It’s not a horrible song; it just doesn’t do anything for me. Despite the fact that I am not in the love with the song, the solos still kick ass.

Overall Metallica lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I don’t know what inspired them the write this album. Was it bands like Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium that have clearly been inspired by Metallica? I don’t know, but I do know this, ‘Tallica’ is back baby, and I can’t wait to see these songs live.


Bob Zerull is a frequent movie and concert goer who talks about his ventures to arenas and theaters more than any person should be aloud to do. Now, he puts them down on paper.



metallica once again dissapoints me as their album is a little better than there last couple but thats not much this album was very dissapointing especially in the effect that metallica has still failed to get back to the standards that they set long ago james's voice being the worst part of the entire band as it is completely a shadow of its former self and sounds very weak as he puts a loud Ah! at the end of every word he sings



I have to admit that the new one is better than St. Anger, but that doesn't take much. Lars fixed his un-listenable reggae snare sound anyway.

I've been waiting so long for Metallica to come back and prove their worth, and show the new generation of metal how it's done. This album was absolutely their last hope, and they've failed in my opinion.

Put this album against any of the modern metal bands, such as Children Of Bodom, Bullet For My Valentine, etc. and it is absolutely embarrassing.

Metallica is dead in my mind. They've been dead for some time, but I hoped they could at least go out with dignity, It's just a terrible, terrible shame. I just hope this is their last album.



God Bless Metallica!!!
These guys are the reason I picked up a guitar in the 1st place! I love everything they've done (Load, Reload, & St. Anger...not so much lol)
Death Magnetic is a major shot of adrenaline to the heart!!!
Top Track?!..All Nightmare Long (obviously)
No shortage of riffs here. This album will forever be in my stereo!
In my opinion, this album IS the next ..And Justice For All. Wanna know why?!....
Because you can barey hear the Bass!!! lol



They should kick out Rob And get Mike Inez.



Metallica is my favorite band, andI have to say this album sucked pretty bad. They made too many crappy albums to try to make another Master of puppets.



Death Magnetic is to me the album that would have followed the Black Album if Metallica had stayed on course with the first 5 albums. Though you can hear some wear and tear of James' aging voice, the album has a very geniune "we're the same f*cking cats from California & we just want to rock you" feel to it. They've brought back the chunk and Kirk is wailing again. It sounds great and I can't wait to hear new Metallica songs at their show in a month. Never thought I'd be saying that again and it feels great!

Top track: Broken, Beat and Scarred

Runner ups: End of the Line, All Nightmare Long, and That was Just Your Life.



I was 22 years old when Metallica released Kill Em All and I am a big fan of Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets. The Black album was the begining of this great bands decent and they have been falling ever since. Death Magnetic is no better than average at best. I wouldn't own Death Magnetic, if you gave it to me, I would toss it out the window. Metallica cannot return to the "good old days" of the '80's. I wish they would stop trying. Death Magnetic is a turd to be flushed down fast, man it stinks.



I have to say, as a long time fan... this record is really good. Can't find more volume to crank the heel out of the stereo! I think Lars, after some dissapointing records, did an amazing job. My only concern was about the solos. I don't know what happend with the ol melodic Kirk.



First things first Metallica was and still is one of the greatest bands ever, this much is undeniable.But i must say the group as a whole is fading away.I am not knocking their skill individually because yes at one point they were all great but now i am not so sure, the craft of Kirk's amazing guitar work will never die(HE IS A GOD)He has lost absolutly none of his skill over the years and i do not see him loosing it in the future.As for James his voice has definately lost alot of its power over the years he dosen't diliver the same driving force that it used to with that all being said he did not sound bad just different.Then there is Lars, well i thought he was a great drummer just a bit of an ass.I think he is still an alright drummer but he has no creativity and no drive in his music at all in this album.Lastly there is Robert who ive respected the whole time he has been with Metallica he has done a great job and is a great bassist. This album im sorry to admitleft me wondering if it is time for the group to end,and the band go their seperate ways.However i hope they can pull together and possibly go back to their more original sound which was perfect.Just my opinion thanks



I agree this is the next logical step that should have been made from the BLACK album. However at this point it seems that they are trying to relive past glory, and it comes up short. Robert Trujillo is a phenominal talent that should have been utilized to add some serious BALLS! to this record.



i love the return of the thrash influenced metallica of old. its not a thrash album by any stretch of the imagination but whatever.
every one complains about the snare drum. yeah its tuned weird and is used alot. don't care. i actually like it.
bass could be a bit more technical and while hetfield's voice is much more soulful and lyrical it lost a bit of its distinctive gruff. cant have everything.


T.Diefenbach (not verified)

Why does everyone put such high praise on the Black album? They playing hasn't sounded this good since Cliff left us. They are not the old Metallica, they have matured and are better than ever. James sings better since he's not boozed up and Kirk can actually give his input and play inspired because it comes from within. Why not appreciate the fact that Metallica is back, relevant, and here to stay!


willygoat (not verified)

In these troubled economic times,I needed a kick in the ass.I spent my hard earned money on the new Metallica album,and I was NOT disappointed.It broke my fucking neck.I'm really glad to hear Robert Trujillo on here,people will hate on me,but these tracks really have a Cliff Burton flavor to them.They are killer!!!!

Thanks Metallica


Well now that I have listened to the whole thing and it has had time to soak in I have to say that we may never get another Vintage MetallicA disc. Somewhere along the line Hetfield has lost it, his vocals, his riffs/rhythms & even lyrics are just not what we had all come to love and expect from MetallicA. I am not sure if it's his voice ? Loss of creativity due to his new "Let's bring in psychiatrists!" attitude ? Or the cutting of his hair ? But there is not one song on this new CD that has that voice/riff that would just get stuck in your head forever like so many songs still are.
The solos and most of the guitar work is of course phenominal as Kirk always is, the drums are awsum as well and let's face it, you could plug just about anyone in on bass and this thing would still roll.
It sounds like they tried to go back somewhere in between Master & Justice with a "dark" sound. And why all those double-start-stops ? It sounds like they were looking for something and couldn't find it so they just threw those in there ?
Rest assured my friends this one will find itself right in the slot under St. Anger and we will all go back to listening to those songs that will be stuck in our heads forevermore from Killem' All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, And Justice For All & The Black Album.
I recently saw them live at Ozzfest and they RAWK'D! The old stuff anyway...But for me the question still remains, will we ever get another true "Vintage MetallicA" disc ?


Tyler jim (not verified)

Dude this is one of there best albums yet. But I'll still have to say that Master Of Puppets is the best albums in thier legacy. The Day that never comes starts at a good pace and ends strong. The whole fukin album is awesome. All I have to say is I respect the album.


Doug Messenger (not verified)

This is a pitiful, very very bad mix. It would take a book to explain it all in engineering and production terms, so I'll reduce it to the most obvious element. The snare drum is louder than the lead vocal, and by quite a bit. It's louder than everything else combined. The engineer must have been on crack or may have lost his hearing. By the way, I'm a recording engineer and record producer. The online criticism of the mastering engineer is misplaced. The recording and mixing engineer did it and there's nothing that a mastering engineer could do to undo the damage. Where were the guys from the band during the mix? Asleep? In Tahiti?

Question: What were the record company A&R guys thinking to allow this out. Hmm. They're hacks with corporate political skills, not musical insight, and that, dear friends, says it all. They don't HEAR what is going on.

The A&R guy and the recording engineer should be strung up in the town square.


kris ritchie (not verified)

only thing wrong...the drums were too loud!!! sometimes they would overwhelm the vocals and guitar but everything else was great the best songs are all nightmare long and cyanide


Evin (not verified)

I was pleasantly superised when i heard the new album. I thought it was gonna be as bad as St. Anger. But it wasn't. It sorta revisited their old days, which put a smile on my face, big time. Here's how I rank the songs on the album:

1. All Nightmare Long
2. Cyanide
3. The End Of The Line
4. That Was Just Your Life
5. The Day That Never Comes
6. The Unforgiven III
7. The Judas Kiss
8. My Apocalypse
9. Suicide & Redemption
10. Broken, Beat, And Scared


kris ritchie (not verified)

my thoughts exactly!!! i wouldve evn ranked them the same



I, as a fan for 24 years, have appreciated all the work that they've done. Death Magnetic is no exception. James' rhythm work is exceptional. It's a wonderful thing that Kirk has been allowed to do his job again with his mind frying solos, which I feel was something that most fans had been missing, and I'm ecstatic that the annoyance known as Bob Rock is no longer associated with Metallica. I've heard numerous complaints about certain tracks being too loud, the vocals are too loud, the production on it isn't as good, the mastering on the disc should have been better, etc. But, I think it sounds great. The raw essence that is Metallica is there and Rick Rubin helped them find themselves again. I love all the songs and I feel that it's a wonderful addition to an incredibly diverse catalog of music by the band. Granted, most people didn't like "Load", "Reload", or "St. Anger", but it's cool. The band is back, stronger, heavier, more focused and cohesive, and ready to kick the fuck out of us all.



terrawatt33 (not verified)

It's about time!! A great disc. Could have been easily slipped between "And Justice..." and the Black Album.Well done.


soulless hater (not verified)

just crap its like the black album to fuckin slow metallica fucked up when they slowed down sorry metallica u just killed a little bit of my soul


iyafishyas (not verified)

Metallica didn't surprise me with the release of this album. As soon as 'Frantic' finished chugging through my speakers in May 2003, I knew by not hearing a solo that the next album would bring them back to their roots. What did surprise me: 'The Unforgiven III'. When I saw the song title on the track listing for the new album, I will admit, I had my doubts. Hearing the song though, I heard the most mature song writing vocally, lyrically, and musically. This is by far the best Metallica song I have heard in over a decade, since 'Bleeding Me'.


lacount9 (not verified)

The new cd is wicked. I knew I had to get it as soon as I heard "the day that never comes" on the radio. "All nightmare long" should absolutly be tabed that song kicks ass.


death the clown (not verified)

alot of hype but its just ok...i knew it wasnt gonna be the next master of puppets and some of the songs are ok but...metallica isnt the same metallica from the 80's...i dont feel like they mean what they say sounds more like they want to be what they were but they dont know how to so they did this...I mean atleast in st.anger(sorry)it sounds like they believe in what they're singing and playing...also it would probobly have been better if Lars had done some better drumming cause some of it is just too basic like that bass/snare/bass/snare thing that could be done with any bad drum machine...thats my opinion glad alot of you enjoyed it more than I...

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