Metallica's Lars Ulrich Talks 'Lulu' Backlash: "It Was More Spiteful Than Anyone Was Prepared For"



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"I understand that to some 13-year-old in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, it can all seem a little cringe-worthy, but to someone raised in an art community in Copenhagen in the late '60s, that was expected."

So basically, what he's saying is "If you're a pretentious, self absorbed douchenozzle, you'll enjoy the lyrics".

I'm sorry, they can pretend it's "art" as much as they want to. Dream Theater has 20+ minutes songs that don't get boring, because they add flavor and variety to their music. The problem with Lulu wasn't the vocals or the music itself, it was how it was repeated over and over and over again to the point where it would just get jarring to listen to. It wasn't art, it was a pretentious and half assed attempt at doing something unique and interesting.

It could've turned out great, but it didn't. Now let's all get over it and hope both parts go on to make something that's more fun than watching paint dry.



Artsy bullshit.
Lars needs to STFU
Lou Reed sucks



"Artsy bullshit"
Pretty much so. They took a shot and failed for the most part.

"Lars needs to STFU"
Yeah, he is pretty full of himself. I'm halfway through the almost 500 page "Enter Night" by Mick Wall and I am really starting to hate that little prick.

"Lou Reed sucks"
No way IMO. Just check out the CD by him called "Rock and Roll Animal". If you don't like it, I can appreciate your opinion. But I wouldn't be surprised if you DO like it.


I don't love Lulu. I also don't hate it. Listening to it without any preconceived notion of it going to be a suck-fest makes it a whole lot better to hear. There's some great riffs in there, of course, with Hetfield being involved. But, all around there's some pretty cool things you just have to dig for. Made me respect all of them for trying something radically different. As I've said before, Lou, now at his age, has that typical voice, monotonous, but really, he's always been like that. He wrote some gnarly stuff, and it's definitely like a piece of abstract art. Not everyone is going to see what it's supposed to be, or, what it means, and not nearly enough people are going to appreciate it for what it really is.

And really. Anthrax did hip hop. That was absolutely ridiculous, and we're complaining about this?
They SPAWNED Nu metal. Enough said.

Kevin Williams

There was actually one song that I thought wasn't terrible. "Junior Dad" is worth a listen, and if they HAD to make this record than the whole thing should have been more like that song.

Also, they might have been better off if they had given it a name other than Metallica and Lou Reed. Give it some weirdo name and maybe people would have had different expectations.



I honestly wasn't all that surprised with how it sounded. It may not speak to me in any way shape or form, but given Lou Reeds rather "artistic" nature, it wasn't that surprising of a record.


Cringe-worthy? The whole record was just plain terrible. I love Metallica. I understand the need to stretch out and do other things musically, I really do...

But this was just a bad idea poorly executed.

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