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How to Livestream a Shred Legend: Michael Angelo Batio 2017 Live Interview

Three 4K cameras, a video-enabled smartphone, three microphones, one guitar, one blaring amplifier, and one blazing shred legend streaming a television-quality video and audio broadcast to a 70,000-person internet audience through a single turbocharged iMac? Sure, no problem. Would you like fries with that?A few weeks ago, the Cracking the Code team sat down for a thrilling and by turns... …

Getting Started with Proper Sweep Picking Technique

I’d like to begin this new series of columns by talking about getting started with sweep picking, which is a very useful and exciting technique that I often use to perform fast arpeggio-based licks and runs. ... …

Applying Sweep Picking to Chord Progressions

As useful as sweep picking can be for playing an ascending or descending arpeggio over a single chord, developing the ability to seamlessly transition from one arpeggio shape to another within a lead phrase will greatly aid in one’s complete understanding and ultimate mastery of the technique. ... …