Michael Schenker: Brick By Brick



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Hello, my name is Ethan. I am good friends with his son and daughter, Chinua and Essenz Schenker. Chinua has had to live in a hotel, and go without because his dad is a deadbeat who needs to man up and support his children.

He is a pathetic load of crap, he is frightened of the U.S. because legally he must pay his child support. He doesn't even visit them, and Chinua has nearly forgotten him. That is sad.

If he can't take care of his children, then WEAR A DAMN CONDOM.



"Bella Piper allegedly cleaned out most of his earnings" BULL, do your research before you print his propaganda! - Bella has two of MS's children (Essenz is their daughter & Chinua Schenker is their son) Bella is not trying to squeeze money out of him- he is responsible for child support. The reason he doesn't feel safe coming to the US is becaue he has no-showed numerous court dates regarding child support so tell the truth Michael. The reason your assets will be frozen and you face jail time is because you ARE a deadbeat- ask ALL of his ex-wives! The letters he wanted to receive from Linda & Bella were letters saying that they would forgive his debts to them and let him go on without having to pay child support to the children he fathered. Bella is my friend and I have seen her struggling to take care of THEIR children because he is in default of child support (10's of thousands!). THEIR daughter Essenz has been hospitalized at San Diego Children's hospital several times struggling with anorexia. Michael did not once come to visit his daughter- who by the way helped design several of his guitars. Their son, Chinua, looks like a mini MS. The kids have had to sell off their guitars and any other memorabilia of their father's wonder years just so they could help their mom pay the rent, have gas for a broken down car, and to eat. They lived in a hotel for MONTHS until they could scrape together a deposit to move into a small apartment. Bella has wonderful photos and crazy memories of the kids and other rockers with Michael but by NO MEANS is she rolling in his dough! If Linda did what you say she did I'd bet it was because Michael was a jack-ass to her too! He may a guitar god but he is a jerk!! I have heard his "exclusive recordings" from the time he holed up in Mexico. There are some great guitar numbers but mostly rants of a drunken, drug induced Schenker screaming "Belllllaaa". If his fans knew the real MS they'd be appalled and he'd be knocked off his throne!!!



I had the rare opportunity to work with Michael and I have the honor of calling Linda my friend. I say it breaks my heart that such a horrible breakup and personal tragedy would be the forefront of a magazine article, especially publishing quotes from a website that are two years old. Instead of just going by what Mr. Schenker says, good journalism investigates all sides of the story, however I do understand that the article is after all, about Michael. But just for the record: Michael, please stop blaming Linda for situations that you got yourself into. It is not fair to her and you know the truth. Shame on you Michael. Shame on you Guitar World.



Although I do like Michaels music, I think it is time for him to quit blaming other people for his failures including his wife and Bella Piper.
The reason why he can not perform in the USA is because he doesn't want to pay child support for his kids, and he didn't pay his taxes. He started a business in Arizona using his wifes credit and name then left her with all with all the debt. He seems to blame every one for his own misgivings.
Just play your music and take responsability for what you have done.


DaveO (not verified)

Michael is a survivor, because there is a reason for every action that has occured and allowed him to persevere. And i was blown away at Michaels confession on his use of a Pignose amplifier on the "Light's Out" recording sessions.

For anyone who doesn't know, the Pignose is a small compact amplifier that can run on batteries, and was mostly used for practice & portability. I remember in high school during that time, we used to make fun of Pignose amps advertised in music catalogs because...well...they sucked :-) Kudos for Michael and producer Ron Nevison for pulling that stunt off well. I did notice throughout the years, the guitar sound on Lights Out had an unusual tone to it...My friend Barbara Schenker and sister to Michael: please do not use a Pignose on your new album, borrow Jimmy Crucifix's Marshalls or your bro's...please...lol...Also waiting to see your new Dean too.

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