Mick Mars Discusses Mötley Crüe’s New Song, Final Tour and Playing "Memorable" Guitar Parts



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I cant remember one tune where you played in standard tuning. But its easier to bend and vibrato when you are detuned.



I listen to you in the early days when you played on american band stand you played live wire and somethings else off your early hollywood releases. Any way I played everything off your first two albums. Seen the shout at the devil tour in san berdnardino. I learned alot form your open tunings and got through some worst times. Those where actually learning tools for my playing. I never thought this day would come. Hard to believe you try to play and make it big and then you say where gonna stop. I thought you at least you do an solo disc. or your like me and that never happens. Thanks for filling those shoes and making a reality. Like my friend used say about you was 'your the next big thing since popcorn.



Mick may not have been the flashiest guitarist, but his solos like the one on "Home Sweet Home" are incredible, and fit the song so perfectly. I couldn't imagine another guitarist coming up with a more memorable solo, even if it was Vai, Petrucci, Gilbert, Broderick...or God! "Ummmm, God? No. Give the guitar back to Mick."

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